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Brosis Group is an offshore Information & Technology company with more than 3 years of experience in providing real world IT solutions on a global basis. These solutions include website design, development and implementation, e-commerce solutions, web based applications, mobile based applications, SEO, SMO, etc.
We specialize in Website Design & Development and Mobile Development. With our extensive experience of 12+ years in the industry, we have served over 200+ clients in over 10+ nations from various industry backgrounds. We have had a hand in Mobile Development right from its inception 2 years ago. Our portfolio boasts the design and development of over 100 mobile apps, games and responsive websites.
We follow robust methodology to ensure the security and ownership of the project. We use black box testing and have a special department for QA and QC that takes care of every project under the process. Right from functionality testing to system and Unit to integration testing, everything is assured 'OK' before handing over the final product to the client.

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8) आप का वोट आप कि आवाज | Who Is Next CM Of Rajasthan (राजस्थान का भावी मुख्यमंत्री आप कि नजर मै . ) viewers(767)

9) मोदी सरकार के तीन साल: क्या है देश का मूड : मोदी सरकार के तीन साल के कार्यकाल को कैसा मानते हैं? viewers(842)

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